Juliette's Roller Garden Birthday

What is it? Edina Girl Scouts celebrates Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low's birthday with a roller skating party – complete with birthday cake!

Who is it for? Girl Scouts, Leaders, and Family

When: October 26, 2019, 4:30-6:30 pm

Where: Roller Garden Skate Center, 5622 W. Lake St, St. Louis Park

Cost: $6.00 per child or skater, Free for adult non skaters

Fun patches will be available for $1.25 ea. up to $1.75 ea.

Required: Signed permission slip/skater

Donations: Please bring one of the following:

  • Birthday Cake items to be donated to VEAP

    • Cake Mix or Frosting - undecorated box with an expiration date over six months out

    • Candles


Q: What form of payment is accepted by the Roller Garden?

A: The Roller Garden accepts credit cards, Girl Scout troop and check cards. Personal or troop checks are not accepted.

Q: Where do we enter the Roller Garden?

A: Please enter through the main front door.

Q: Roller skates are included in the admission. Can I rent roller blades/in-line skates?

A: Roller blades are included in the admission fee, along with roller skates as usual.

Q: Do adults have to pay admission?

A: Any adult who skates needs to pay admission. Adults who do not skate and are only supervising the girls do not have to pay admission. (All children are required to pay admission.)

Q: If I bring my own skates, do I get a discount?

A: No, all skaters still pay the $6.00 admission fee.

Q: What should each troop leader bring?

A: If you are an adult in charge of more than just your child you are required to have: a signed permission slip for each girl in attendance, as well as a completed health form for each girl. The troop leader keeps this paperwork with her. You can print out these documents by clicking on each attachment under the Roller Garden link. It is recommended that leaders bring money, but not the girls. A bin or box is also helpful to keep all troop belongings together.

Q: What do the girls need to bring?

A: Socks are required. Clothing should allow freedom of movement and be comfortable in case of a fall. Please be aware that it does get warm inside while everyone is skating. Short sleeves are recommended.

Q: Do the girls need to wear their sashes or vests?

A: Uniforms (sashes and vests) are recommended for this event, but they are not required.

Q: If my troop is not attending, may I still attend as an individual?

A: Yes, your parent or guardian may take you to the event and they MUST stay to supervise you.

Q: Are families/siblings allowed to attend the event?

A: Yes. If parents/siblings of girls would like to attend they may, and do not need to pay unless they will be skating. Leaders are not responsible for anyone not in their troop.

Q: What if I have a food allergy/restriction to cake?

A: Please bring an alternative if you want.

Q: Is there other food available at the Roller Garden?

A: Yes, the concession stand will be open for anyone to purchase items on their own.

Q: Will there be first aid available?

A: Yes, there will be a designated person certified in first aid to provide first aid. It is also a good idea for leaders to carry the troop’s first aid kit with them at all times.

Q: How do I get my roller skating patches?

A: There will be a table inside the Roller Garden to buy patches for $1.25 each up to $1.75 each. We accept cash or checks.