Cookie Resources

ABC Smart Cookies

Under "Resources" there are a number of Smart Cookies tutorials which will guide you through many of the main functions of using Smart Cookies.

Also, GSRV has Smart Cookie instructions posted which are also a great resource (updated for 2020 sale):

Cookie Booths

Here's a link to historical GSRV Cookie Booth Data, which can help you plan your booth inventory. Note: it's just a snapshot of past sales, so you still want to use your best judgment in deciding how to stock your cookie booth.

Also, using the cookie calculator can be helpful to see the recommended breakdown of the cookie varieties --i.e. how many Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites, etc., not just total number of boxes.

NEW 2020! EDINA Cookie Swap!

We now have a "Band" App platform to use for Edina troops to communicate in real time about cookie swaps. Need more cookies? Before going to the cookie cupboard, post on the app and there may be an Edina troop who has inventory they'd like to transfer. Or, have extra cookies? Post on Band and there may be another troop who needs them for a booth. Scan with your smart phone or CLICK HERE for e-mail invitation.

Cookie News

4/18/20: Do you have unsold inventory? Fill out the RETURNS FORM by 4/18/20

4/18/20 Deadline for troops to submit REWARDS Orders on Smart Cookies

Troop Cookie Manager

All troops need to recruit and register a troop cookie manager to manage the Girl Scout Cookie Program for their own troop. This adult can be a dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, friend, or other volunteer, but should be organized and a registered member of the troop. The leader can serve as the troop cookie manager, but it’s much easier when they can get someone else to do it, so they can focus on running the troop.

The responsibilities for the troop cookie manager are:

  • Attend a 1 hour service area training session before the sale begins

  • Collect orders and double check totals

  • Enter each girl’s order into on line ordering system

  • Pick up troop’s cookie order

  • Prepare each girl’s order for pick up, including pick up receipt

  • Coordinate with leader and other parents to sell any unclaimed or unsold product

  • Collect money from each girl and deposit into troop checking account

  • Confirm troop payment to service area cookie manager

  • On designated date and pick up earned recognitions

  • Distribute recognitions at next troop meeting

Cookie Training

For a description of all required cookie training for troop cookie managers, go to:

  • All new and existing cookie managers must take online training, which is posted on the GSRV website.


    • Step by Step Smart Cookies Guide has instructions for all the main functions in Smart Cookies

2020 Important Dates

  • January 13th: Cookie Booth Lottery starts

  • January 16th: FCFS Cookie booth sign-up starts at 7 p.m.

  • JANUARY 17th: Troop Initial Cookie Order DUE


    • March 13, 2020 - 1st ACH Debit at $1.00/box withdrawn from troop account

    • April 12, 2020- Cookie Sale Ends

    • April 18, 2020 - RETURN FORM & REWARDS due

    • May 6, 2020 - 2nd ACH Debit for $1 due council

    • May 29th: Final balance due to GSRV

  • 2020 COOKIE REWARDS PICK-UP: tbd 2020

  • Sign-Up to Pick-Up!

Please try to get cookies from a local troop before going to the cookie cupboard. We want to help our GS troops since there are NO RETURNS this year.

Join the Edina GS Cookie Group on the Band platform to post swaps or troop to troop transfers within the Edina Service Unit. You can also use GSRV Cookie Swap to trade within the GSRV council.

2020 Cookie Cupboards

    • Before you go, check the cupboard hours (they change during the sale) and current inventory.

    • GSRV Cookie Swap

    • Sign-Up for an account to swap GS cookies across the metro with other GS troops who may be looking to either obtain more cookies, or transfer cookies to other troops outside of cookie cupboard hours.

    • Collection Problem Report

    • Use this form when there is a financial problem that has occurred during the Cookie Sale.


  • Will there be online sales this year? Yes, there will be an option for girls to sell online via the Smart Cookies software.

  • Credit Card Sales? Here is information on using PayAnywhere to accept credit cards at booths. Smart Cookies also has an app which will accept credit card payments, at booths and for individual sales.

  • Gluten-free cookies? Troops will only be guaranteed two cases per order. They sell for $5.00/package.

  • Money Deposits to Council? No more Council deposits! Weekly deposit all money to the troop account. Council will debit the troop account two times during the sale. Money MUST be in the account and troop will be responsible for any NSF fees on Council draws.

  • Inventory at end of sale? How to pay? If you have cookies at the end of the sale, you may sell after the end date. Fill out the money problem form requesting extra time to sell your inventory. The Council may give up to three extra months to pay for that inventory.

  • Will checks made out to Girl Scouts be accepted in our Troop account? Yes. Checks made out simply to Girl Scouts can be deposited into your troop accounts.

  • Troop cookie materials will ONLY be available for pick-up at the TCM Training dates (posted in the Sign-Up link above). If you are not able to retrieve them on the training dates, please send another troop member to do so.

  • Incentives will be available at the end of the sale, dates TBD.

Smart Cookie Support

  • Tracking initial orders and submitting Edina order

  • Inventory tracking and facilitating troop trades in Smart Cookies

  • Track deposits - Work with troops regarding final deposits

  • Input new/corrections to contacts into Smart Cookies as needed

  • Help troops monitor and track inventory

Contact for questions.