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Welcome to all Edina Girl Scout Leaders! 

Thank you for volunteering to lead your new troop this year. You will never regret the time that you spend with your girl scout on this endeavor! As you know, knowledgeable volunteers are essential to provide girls with fun and safe experiences that develop leadership. The more you know up front, the easier it will be to lead your troop. The biggest piece of advice.... take a deep breath - these girls have never been in girl scouts before, they are not coming in with expectations. Girl Scouts for them can be as small or as big as you make it.

Please take advantage of the useful links and documents on the left sidebar, as well as documents below.

Fall  Leader "To Do" List
  1. Fill out your troop status for 2013-2014: Troop Status Report
  2. Register your troop online by 6/22/2013: the steps to disband : Disbanding Troop
  3. Complete your Troop Finance Report for 2013-2014 and send it to:
          Note : Enter the expenses as (-) for the calculations to work correctly.
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 General Leader Forms
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