2017 Cookie Training and Product Details
  • Cookie Training - Please take both training courses located here and email the completion certificates.
  • River Valley Cookie Open House and Sale - Are you ready for the cookie sale? We will be hosting open houses at all council shops the first week in February. Stop in to see a sample cookie booth, taste cookies, and purchase signs, banners, buttons, and other great items your troop can use to help promote the cookie sale. 20% off cookie-themed merchandise.
  • New to sales? Make sure of the following:
    • Set up troop bank account details in Snap tool.  Directions here
    • This page will tell you everything you need to know about the sale.
    • Details about the baker and activities live here.

Inventory Management

Please try to get cookies from a local troop before going to the cookie cupboard. We want to help troops since every returned case means $15 loss to troop.

Start by checking the Edina Cookie Google doc or going to the cookie wiki. See Training materials for more details on cookie wiki.  We have great success moving cookies there.

 Stacy McGrath -
  • Training – All new and existing cookie managers must take online training. New cookie managers should also come to the in-person training
  • Troop selling materials can be picked up at my house by letting me know your troop number, number of girls, and date you want to pick them up.  They will remain outside until you retrieve them
  • Incentives will be picked up fromSue Labakken's at the end of the sales. I will monitor to ensure incentives are entered and let you know when you can retrieve them
  • SNAP Support
  • Tracking initial orders and submitting Edina order
  • Inventory tracking and facilitating troop trades in Snap
  • Track deposits - Work with troops regarding final deposits
  • Input new/corrections to contacts into Ebudde as needed
  • Help troops sign up for booths
  • Help troops monitor and track inventory
2017 Important Dates:

  • March 17, 2017 - First ACH Debit at $1.00/box allocated to troop & your girls
  • March 26, 2017 - Sale Ends
  • April 4, 2017 - Incentives must be logged in SNAP
  • April 21, 2017 - Second ACH Debit for the remainder of the money due to the council.
  • Will there be online sales this year? With much national press about the Girl Scouts of the USA roll-out of the Digital Cookie program, we know our members have questions. In short, River Valleys will not be participating in Digital Cookie for 2016. You can find a Q + A about Digital Cookie on our website.
  • Credit Card Sales? Here is information on using PayAnywhere to accept credit cards at booths.
  • Gluten-free cookies? Troops will only be guaranteed two cases yet order up to two cases. They sell for $5.00/box. 
  • Money Deposits to Council? No more Council deposits!  Weekly deposit all money to the troop account.  Council will debit the troop account two times during the sale. Money MUST be in the account and troop will be responsible for any NSF fees on Council draws.
  • Inventory at end of sale? How to pay? If you have cookies at the end of the sale, you may sell after the end date. Fill out the money problem form requesting extra time to sell your inventory. The Council may give up to three extra months to pay for that inventory.
  • Will checks made out to Girl Scouts be accepted in our Troop account? Short answer is yes.  Checks made out simply to Girl Scouts can be deposited into your troop accounts.
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