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ABC Smart Cookies

Under "Resources" there are a number of Smart Cookies tutorials which will guide you through many of the main functions of using Smart Cookies.

Also, GSRV has Smart Cookie instructions posted which are also a great resource (updated for 2020 sale):

Cookie Booths:
Here's a link to historical GSRV Cookie Booth Data, which can help you plan your booth inventory.  Note: it's just a snapshot of past sales, so you still want to use your best judgment in deciding how to stock your cookie booth.  

Also, using the cookie calculator can be helpful to see the recommended breakdown of the cookie varieties --i.e. how many Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites, etc., not just total number of boxes.  

NEW 2020! EDINA Cookie Swap!
We now have a "Band" App platform to use for Edina troops to communicate in real time about cookie swaps.  Need more cookies? Before going to the cookie cupboard, post on the app and there may be an Edina troop who has inventory they'd like to transfer.  Or, have extra cookies?  Post on Band and there may be another troop who needs them for a booth.  Scan with your smart phone or CLICK HERE for e-mail invitation.  

Cookie Cupboards:
Before you go, check the cupboard hours (they change during the sale) and current inventory.  

GSRV Cookie Swap:
Sign-Up for an account to swap GS cookies across the metro with other GS troops who may be looking to either obtain more cookies, or transfer cookies to other troops outside of cookie cupboard hours. 

Use this form when there is a financial problem that has occurred during the Cookie Sale.  

4/18/20: Do you have unsold inventory?  Fill out the RETURNS FORM by 4/18/20

4/18/20 Deadline for troops to submit REWARDS Orders on Smart Cookies

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