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October Troop Meeting

posted Sep 26, 2010, 10:04 PM by   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 10:16 PM ]
I know we just met on Wednesday; however, our first Friday regular meeting is this Friday.   After this, we will have a month, until our next meeting.   I would like to do ths one here again.  
  1. Are there two moms willing to drive again?
  2. Snack?  This meeting will go to 5:30 - we really need to get business done. :-)
Can you believe it?  It is actually a great thing, because each of your daughters went home with something to research for the year and they should be prepared to present their findings.  

The girls had a GREAT time thinking up ideas.    They are great at brainstorming.   Now on to the next thing, they have to actually vote.    

All the ideas were all good, but I have to say my favorite one of the day was a take off on Margie's Mentos and Coke idea, Erin came up with jet packs on stuffed animals, how high could we get them to go?  I see a science year in our future.   Unfortunately, we did little in service planning.    Perhaps the girls can plan a science day for daisy and brownie girls.  That would make a really neat service project.  We will get there.   Have no fear.  

Below I have added a form to help guide the girls in what to come back with.   Your girls can enter it right in your email or they can fill it out on a sheet of paper.   Whatever works.  

This next meeting will be a little more business and a lot more voting.