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Action Items - volunteers needed

posted Dec 16, 2010, 10:31 AM by
Hi Everyone -
This year is flying by -
like I noted at our meeting - I have set up our webpage and our calendar.  

Action Items - the girls planned thier year - however, there are items that parents need to lead

  1. Please check out our calendar and fill in the dates that you can help
    • I would really appreciate parents signing up, I know I send out an email the week prior as a reminder - but the goal is to have everyone on board ahead of time.
  2. Volunteer needed for Mother Daughter Lock In
  3. Volunteer needed for Bronze Award Project
    • The girls came up with a bronze award plan to do something for the environment - there are multiple things they can do, but we need a parent to take the lead.
  4. Please call or email me if you are willing to discuss this.  If a parent does not take the lead, we cannot get a bronze project done in time.