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Action Items - volunteers needed

posted Dec 16, 2010, 10:31 AM by

Hi Everyone -
This year is flying by -
like I noted at our meeting - I have set up our webpage and our calendar.  

Action Items - the girls planned thier year - however, there are items that parents need to lead

  1. Please check out our calendar and fill in the dates that you can help
    • I would really appreciate parents signing up, I know I send out an email the week prior as a reminder - but the goal is to have everyone on board ahead of time.
  2. Volunteer needed for Mother Daughter Lock In
  3. Volunteer needed for Bronze Award Project
    • The girls came up with a bronze award plan to do something for the environment - there are multiple things they can do, but we need a parent to take the lead.
  4. Please call or email me if you are willing to discuss this.  If a parent does not take the lead, we cannot get a bronze project done in time. 


posted Dec 16, 2010, 10:31 AM by

On Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 10:25 AM, Sue Johnston <> wrote:

New this year:  as a Troop we have to order our cookies BEFORE taking customer orders.  They are calling this the debut of "Cookies Now!" in which girls have cookies in their hands on Cookie Go Day.  

Important Dates
January 10th:  Need to enter our Initial Troop Order -- this is for individual girls to sell - not necessarily counting what they will see during Cookie Booths.  
January 24:  Cookie Booth Scheduler Opens -- we will try to get 2 Cookie Booths again this year - more if people want it.
February 3rd:  Pick up initial cookie order (I will be getting these and then asking parents to p/u their daughters cookies at my house asap)
February 5:  COOKIE GO DAY -- girls will have cookies with them in order to bring out when they go sell.  Or simply take orders and arrange to deliver later.  
February 18 - March 20:  Cookie Booths -- our specific days & locations to be determined 

We will hand-out Order Forms, Prize info, etc. at January's meeting; however, this date is after the date that initial order is due  SO...............please advise what you prefer: 

1)  Hold a specific Cookie Meeting at my house on Sunday, January 9th/2:00 - 3:00.  I would facilitate individual girl cookie goal setting; brainstorming techniques for selling; talking about girls perhaps selling in groups; review of prizes; deciding if girls want to set troop goal with an event s/a water-park  or similar if they meet their goal, etc - OR 

2)  I will place order based on last year's averages and assume a goal of 100 boxes per girl -- or will order a specific amount for your daughter per your request.  I can send you individualized emails with your daughter's info from last year.  If a girl sells more, we'll have to re-order; if a girl can't sell 100, we'll have on-hand for cookie booth and/or shuffle amongst troop.  

Please advise


December Meeting

posted Nov 29, 2010, 7:37 AM by

Action Call

  1. Driving - Are there two moms willing to drive again?   I would like to do baking at the meeting, which means, I need to do it here (I am still waiting to see if I can get room 165 & or 351 - I am pretty sure the answer is no, we are the last on the list, because we do not pay and we are not school related)  If anyone has a larger kitchen than I do (which I assume is most of you :-) ) I would love it if you would have the meeting at your home.
  2. Snack - a few healthy items as we will be baking.... so I assume they will be eating that also... 
  3. This meeting will go to 6:00 (if some girls need to leave early, that is OK- perhaps they can have no bake cookies?)  - otherwise we need to give them a chance to bake.   


I am going to try and figure out if there is a way to donate our baked items to a shelter.    So, there *may* be an opportunity on Saturday to bring the items to a shelter.   (My thought is that each girl would take a plate home for herself and then we would make up various plates for shelters.


What the girls need to do:

  1. Decide on a cookie or some treat.   (Please talk with your daughter and make it simple)  
  2. Create 9 recipe cards with the recipe of the treat on it.  (a simple note card size will do - 4 cards to a 8 X 11 sheet size)
  3. Let Linda know what cookie - we do not want duplicates.   So email in choice #1 and choice #2

The troop will purchase flour, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla, frosting, almond bark, m&m's and choc. chips.   Please let me know of any other ingredients.

10652 Calendar

posted Nov 1, 2010, 3:02 PM by

How to fill out form -
  1. Select at least 2 meeting to be the main meeting assistant
    • hit edit, type in your name, click submit
  2. Select one snack day
    • hit edit, type in your name, click submit
  3. Things to note
    • Only Linda, Ann S or Sue J will sign up for the leader roles. 

Meeting 11/5/10 3:05 - 5:30 PM

posted Nov 1, 2010, 3:00 PM by

Hello Everyone -
Are the girls ready for a FUN meeting??  No big ideas, no having to work through BIG questions, no planning.   Just FUN!   We are going to be working with coke cans and mentos and earning our science discovery badge....  

Our Friday regular meeting is thi
s Friday.   I would like to do this one here again.  

Action Call

  • Are there two moms willing to drive again?
  • Snack?  This meeting will go to 5:30

October Troop Meeting

posted Sep 26, 2010, 10:04 PM by   [ updated Sep 26, 2010, 10:16 PM ]

I know we just met on Wednesday; however, our first Friday regular meeting is this Friday.   After this, we will have a month, until our next meeting.   I would like to do ths one here again.  
  1. Are there two moms willing to drive again?
  2. Snack?  This meeting will go to 5:30 - we really need to get business done. :-)
Can you believe it?  It is actually a great thing, because each of your daughters went home with something to research for the year and they should be prepared to present their findings.  

The girls had a GREAT time thinking up ideas.    They are great at brainstorming.   Now on to the next thing, they have to actually vote.    

All the ideas were all good, but I have to say my favorite one of the day was a take off on Margie's Mentos and Coke idea, Erin came up with jet packs on stuffed animals, how high could we get them to go?  I see a science year in our future.   Unfortunately, we did little in service planning.    Perhaps the girls can plan a science day for daisy and brownie girls.  That would make a really neat service project.  We will get there.   Have no fear.  

Below I have added a form to help guide the girls in what to come back with.   Your girls can enter it right in your email or they can fill it out on a sheet of paper.   Whatever works.  

This next meeting will be a little more business and a lot more voting.  

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