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Job Descriptions

Cookie Manager :
All troops need to recruit and register a troop cookie manager to manage the Girl Scout Cookie Program for their own troop. This adult can be a dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, friend, or other volunteer, but should be organized and a registered member of the troop. The leader can serve as the troop cookie manager, but it’s much easier when they can get someone else to do it, so they can focus on running the troop. 

The responsibilities for the troop cookie manager are:

• Attend a 1 hour service area training session before the sale begins
• Collect orders and double check totals
• Enter each girl’s order into on line ordering system
• Pick up troop’s cookie order 
• Prepare each girl’s order for pick up, including pick up receipt
• Coordinate with leader and other parents to sell any unclaimed or unsold product
• Collect money from each girl and deposit into troop checking account
• Confirm troop payment to service area cookie manager 
On designated date and pick up earned recognitions
• Distribute recognitions at next troop meeting