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2018 Edina Cookie Exchange

Troops can trade their individual boxes of cookies with other Edina troops to eliminate excess inventory and ensure we are not returning any cookies.  Plus, you may be able to save yourself a trip to the cookie cupboard!  
Exchange Instructions:
  1. Open 2018 Edina Cookie Swap and click on an open row to add your troop's needs or extras.
  2. Type in your TROOP NUMBER
  3. Your NAME
  5. Tell us if you NEED or have EXTRA cookies
  6. The Number of packages (individual boxes) for each type of cookie you need or extras in the appropriate row.
If you can help out a troop, add your contact info and note which varieties you can help provide cookies.  

Note: Cookie Swap pertains only for 2018 Cookies AND for TROOP to TROOP exchanges.  Families that have cookies to swap should contact their troop cookie manager to handle inventory.  

Exchange Agreement:

When you have an agreed upon exchange, send an email copying the other troop contact AND with all of the details. 
  • Subject Line: Cookie Transfer from Troop [Number] to Troop [Number]
  • Troop Number Giving
  • Troop Number Receiving
  • Total number of packages (individual boxes) by variety
The Cookie Director will adjust the existing rows and note the exchange in the SUCM Section and in Smart Cookies after the email is received. This will ensure each troop's data is correct.  

NOTE: DO NOT PAY for Cookies if/when you do an exchange!  Otherwise, the troop receiving the additional cookies won't get credit in Smart Cookies for adding additional inventory.