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2012 Cookie Exchange

Troops can buy/sell their individual boxes of cookies to other troops to eliminate excess inventory.
  1. Your  NAME
  2. Your PHONE
  3. The Number of boxes for each type of cookie you are looking for - or looking to get rid of - in the appropriate set of rows.
To enter information into the exchange, click on the

Open the Edina Cookie Exchange 2012

link at the bottom left hand corner.

When you have an agreed upon exchange, send an email copying the other troop contact AND with ALL of the details. The Cookie Director will adjust the existing rows and note the exchange in the bottom section and in eBudde. This will ensure each troop's data is correct in eBudde.

The exception to this is 1-for-1 trades. Do NOT report 1-for-1 trades on the Cookie Exchange as the # of boxes for each girl remains the same.

Please do NOT enter any information in grey shaded cells.
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Edina Cookie Exchange 2012