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Save the Date Centennial Day of Service 10/13/12

posted Mar 13, 2012, 4:48 PM by

Centennial Day of Service Patch Requirements

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Girl Scouts and volunteers of all ages will be helping their communities improve water resource conservation and protection. The council-wide environmental service project is designed to reduce phosphorus levels in lakes and rivers.

Together, Girl Scouts across the region will prevent the growth of 10 million pounds of algae by removing 20 thousand pounds of yard-waste before it enters lakes and rivers, saving $6 million in clean-up costs.

All girls who complete the required activities will earn the Centennial Day of Service Patch. The requirements are available in the Water Quality Troop Activity Packet for your program grade level on the Centennial Day of Service page.

Earning this patch includes:

  • Taking the Water Quality Pledge (included in each program grade level Water Quality Troop Activity Packet)
  • Doing 60 minutes of Water Quality Troop Activities in your program grade level’s activity guide, including Activity 1 (which is required for all)
  • Participating in the October 13, 2012, Centennial Day of Service: 2012 Take Action Project
  • Submitting the Centennial Day of Service Evaluation Form on October 13, 2012