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August 2012 Leader Meeting

posted Aug 24, 2011, 9:31 PM by   [ updated Sep 14, 2011, 6:32 AM ]

Edited to add minutes from meeting

Happy End of Summer to all leaders!   I know many of you are reading emails on your phone over the summer, so I am going to try and hit the highlights and give you enough information up front so you can get the information that you need.     That being said, please take the time to read this email in its entirety.   All of the information that is contained in this email - is available on our website at

1st Leader Meeting
When: 8/29/10 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Calvary Lutheran Church, 6817 Antrim Road, Edina, MN

Please come to the first formal leader meetings this year.    We have taken all of your feedback from last year and we hope to make this year better than ever.   

1.      Edina Service Unit events will be laid out and dates.     Things are going to change. Less leader driven events, more girl planned events - come find out what this means.

2.      Plan for new member registration 

3.      NEED GIRLS

o        We are looking for a girl scout troop to lead the flag ceremony at the beginning of the meeting.    Please let us know if you have a troop that would be interested.    (We will be doing this at each of the four formal leader meetings this year.   (This should take about 45 minutes of your girls time.  They should arrive 20 minutes ahead of the meeting time, practice, flag ceremony, then put all items away correctly.)

§         This does not need to be a troop, a group of various girls from different schools can get together to do this.

  1. 100 years of Scouting – what is going on at the council level?
  2. Are there girls that have completed their bronze, silver or gold award and did not get a chance to present last May?  Please contact me

We are so thankful that Calvary Lutheran has opened their doors to us for another whole year.    They are allowing us the use of their facility each month for our meetings.     We will have a large comfortable room, with wireless internet.  

Troop Status Report

Thank you to all who filled this out.     If you have not done so, please do.  This status report becomes our formal leader list at the service unit level.    We know that the contact people in some troops change year to year.   
take the steps to disband : Disbanding Troop

 Troop Finance Reports
These were due last June.    Please fill out and mail a copy of the report and your May bank statement to our service unit treasurer

You can download the form @

you may scan and email it to:


Thank you to those who have completed online registration.   835 members have  registered!    We are still waiting on approximately 700 more, so please finalize your registration as soon as possible.   All troops that registered by June 15th will receive and early bird registration patch and an online registration pilot patch.    I do not know when the patches will be in, but when they come, I will let you know.     If you need help registering, please click the link below - there is a full set of instructions on line.  It is REALLY easy.  

Click here to register your troop.

All registrations should be in before September 30th.   

After September 30th, you will not be allowed to reregister.  You will have to fill out the long new member forms for everyone in your troop.   This is different than in the past years.    
The September 30th renewal is not new information; however, we have allowed late registrations in the past.    We do not have this option any more.  

Have a great last weekend in August - I hope to see you on Monday the 29th!

Linda Lutgen

Edina Service Unit Manager, 2010-2012