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2010 Fall Product Program

posted Aug 31, 2010, 4:37 PM by
Welcome to the 2010 Fall Product Program for the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys. This year girls will work as a team to
“Design Your Future; Construct a Plan.”
The troop will create a blueprint of the group’s objectives for the year. The blueprint is the detailed plan for the upcoming year.
• What are the objectives/goal for the year?
• Brainstorm the list of activities girls would like to do this year
• How much money will the troop need for activities?
• Set goals for the Fall Product Program and Cookie Program Activity
• Work on a timeline/calendar for the year
The troop can then refer back to the plan throughout the year. Plans may need to be re-evaluated monthly, after the product programs, or after each activity. The troop will learn to prepare, adapt, and overcome obstacles. River Valleys Girl Scouts will give friends and families the opportunity to purchase high quality nut/chocolate items from Ashdon Farms and to purchase or renew
magazine subscriptions from QSP either online or in person. Troops earn proceeds from each item purchased to help fund their upcoming Girl Scout activities and community service projects.

Thank you for making River Valleys’ Fall Product Program a fun and safe experience for your girl and all the girls in her troop!

Dates to Remember:
October 9, 2010 Go Day! - Girls may begin taking orders
October 25, 2010 All orders due to troop.
Magazine money due to troop.
Detailed order report due to troop.
November 11-13, 2010Nut/chocolate product delivery to service units
November 11, 2010Girls begin to deliver nut/chocolate products and collect money
December 1,  2010Troop determined date Nut/chocolate money due to troop fall product program manager

Awards & Recognitions
Award and recognition items are cumulative and ordered by the troop fall product program manager. Girls earn all items up to the level they have sold.
  • 2 Design your Future patch
  • 4 Medium plush monkey
  • 7 Mag Super Seller patch & Peace sign coin purse
  • 14 Design University T-shirt or $10 Fall FUNds
  • *When girls complete the QSP online activity and send
  • 12 or more e-mails to family and friends they will earn the “Capture Your Dream” patch with the online magazine option.

  • 10 Construct A Plan patch
  • 25 20 oz aluminum water bottle
  • 40 Super Seller patch and Bling by number
  • alphabet design set
  • 60 8 Music downloads certificate or $5 Fall FUNds
  • 80 Large plush monkey or $10 Fall FUNds

Troop Awards (average based on girls participating in the program)
  • Troops who complete online goal activity, each girl receives Goal Achiever patch
  • Troop averages 5 magazines per girl selling troop receives a Product Program Success Kit packed with great marketing tools
  • Troop averages 35 nut/chocolate items per girl selling… each girl receives a pair of fun, functional stretchy gloves
  • Troops may earn the “Be a Reader” patch by completing the activities in the 2010 Design your Future Activity Booklet. Be a Reader patches will be available for purchase in the River Valleys Girl Scout Shop. These activities can be completed at anytime of the troop year

Fall FUNds are may be redeemed for the following:
  • Council-approved day camps
  • River Valleys resident camps
  • Council-sponsored program events
  • Girl Scout Shops and Trading Posts
  • GSUSA membership dues
  • Council-approved Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, and
  • Ambassador extended troop trips
  • Approved and completed Girl Scout Silver and Gold Award projects
  • Fall FUNds will expire on August 31, 2011

Fall Product Resources

Use these resources to get started in the Fall Product Program: